Muslims help victims of the Grenfell Tower.

20586 Muslims who were coming back home from “taraweeh prayers” a special prayer that takes place during Ramadan saw the blaze from Grenfell tower, London. Immediately the Muslims ran towards the building trying to help evacuate people stuck in the buildings. Later the group of Muslim men helped those who managed to escape with water, clothes, a safe shelter and medical attention by calling the Emergency services.

träffa tjejer i träslöv mutinously A video of a victim who was rescued by a Muslim man showed her shouting that if it wasn’t for these Muslims everywhere we would still be trapped or even worse. She pleaded that the Muslims are always made to be seen in a negative light and this should show the world that Muslims are not bad they saved our lives.

Victims words as quoted:

basal and prandial insulin If it wasn’t for all these young Muslim boys round here helping us, coming from mosques, a lot more people would’ve been dead.

kostenlose spiele ohne anmeldung für kinder They want to talk about them when they’re doing bad things, but when they’re doing good – they were the first people with bags of water giving to people and helping people and running and telling people. from mosques, a lot more people would’ve been dead.