Dear Auntyji…My mum cooked me biriyani…but my wife whispered….


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stromectol est il sans ordonnance Dondo Dear Auntyji…Please help My mum and wife are always arguing it’s like they both want my attention and they compete to see who gets the best reaction out of me.

Vic bingo sites with fluffy favourites My mum cooked me biriyani so my wife rang her mum to get her recipe and also made me a biriyani on the same day.

omaha odds Then another day my wife made daal. My mum told my wife that I don’t like daal and I won’t eat it, so she should cook something else.

Grańćanica sites de rencontre gratuit 2016 My wife refused to cook something else and said she’ll make sure I eat it.

ivexterm en estados unidos As soon as I got home, my mum said my wife made daal on purpose knowing I don’t like it.

My wife came up to me in front of my mum and whispered to me that if I eat the daal without making a fuss, she’ll be intimate with me in the way I want.

I love my mum, but when my wife offers me that, I can’t really refuse that. No man would.

Since that incident, anytime my mum and wife get into an argument, my wife uses sex as a weapon to get me on her side.

But now she wants us to move out of the house. And she is refusing to sleep with me until I get our own house.

My mum would be devastated if we moved out. I only have one brother, but he’s really selfish and doesn’t look after my mum at all.

What can I do?