Aarron Lambo talks about Muslims and British values.



Aarron Lambo uploaded a video on Facebook with a message to all British people about Muslims. He challenges British families to go out with their families to Muslim families and to mosques to offer a friendly handshake. Not all Muslims are terrorist and mojority of Muslims would not associate with people who hurt others.

In his video he talks about real British values, caring for others, making everyone feel welcome is what makes us British. His powderfull words were truly overwhelming and we all await for his next video when he intends to meet with a Muslim family to show Britain that muslims people are just like use.. they don’t want to hurt anyone.. don’t let a few rotten eggs spoil it for everyone else.

Aarron Lambo goes on to say..

Those of you that felt the need to post derogatory comments about MUSLIMS on my last video regarding the MANCHESTER ATTACK I’m going to take this time to educate you

You say they don’t integrate with the rest of the community lol if I was them reading what you write on your social media I wouldn’t want to mix with you either. In fact I’m going to use my own DAUGHTER as proof muslims don’t bite ­čśü.
I’m going to show how YOU can make a difference.

I wasn’t expecting the positive response I got though my inbox and those of that took the time to message me I say THANK YOU